APP Development

A Cross Platform App Development

Mobile Application Development

Rayone Software Lab has talented team of app developers and designers for building any complex mobile application. You will have the advantage of working with the company that has over 18+ years of experience in building complex applications delivered in engaging, user friendly design.Rayone Software Lab's team of app developers consist of experienced and innovative programmers and designers that are skilled in building complex, secure and engaging mobile applications.

Rayone Software Lab Advantages

  • Locality based in-house team of Designers and Developers
  • No outsourcing
  • Structured development environmen
  • Maintainable code
  • Best coding practices used
  • Using the latest emerging technologies
  • Application security layers
  • Engaging design
  • Best usability for user experience

A Vast Experience

One of the most important aspects of building any successful application with quality, maintainable, secure code is the experience of the programmers in building similar applications. Rayone Software Lab's development team has years of experience in building a wide variety of custom web applications and mobile applications in several fields. Below are the fields in which the Rayone Software Lab team has developed several custom applications:

  • Social Networking Applications
  • eCommerce Applications
  • Collaboration Applications
  • Calendaring and Events Applications
  • Groups and Forums Applications
  • Survey Applications
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Ticketing Systems
  • Classifieds and Directories
  • Video and Media Streaming Applications
  • Sports and Activities Management Systems
  • Physicians and Patients Collaboration Tools
  • Content Management Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Project Management Systems