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You have got 10 seconds before the average consumer forms an opinion about your brand. First impressions count!
To truly establish and grow your brand in this era of digital, you need to clearly define what separates you from the herd. Companies have only one opportunity to grab attention and engage with their potential customers and they should utilize the correct ingredients for establishing their grandeur online. Rayone Software Lab helps in creating a brand presence that looks into various aspects of branding and design, by maneuvering innumerable services such as SEO, SEM, PPC, Mobile Marketing, helping you establish a credible and memorable presence both online and on the ground .

Brand Management and Logo Design

Your values define your brand and we excel in providing comprehensive branding and design services.

Branding starts with knowing your business or organization is and defining what separates you from the herd. And we help you sort that out. We strategise branding and design initiatives for companies; from crafting core brand values to comprehensive visual identities we conceptualize the identity of your brand by taking into consideration

Brand Engagement

Who is the target you are trying to reach?

What is the identity your brand wants to create?

What is the message you are trying to convey?

Is it in line with the overall business and corporate objectives of the company?

For us, true joy lies in successfully helping our clients define, refine and achieve their goals. We do this with not just in theory, but with proven hard core, real world experience.

Website Design

After getting the brand Identity and logo correct, the next critical component is getting your website right. Since a large number of customers find you on the web the corporate website ends up being your public face to the world.

At Rayone Software Lab we know that website designing needs to take into account not only elements of design (i.e. space, line, balance, color, shape, form, unity) but also needs to ensure that it is designed to meet any functional requirements of the company such as user Interface, readability, and SEO. Success takes planning and foresight and our holistic approach to web designing is proven to yield results:

Continue brand theme

Maintain navigation and user interface

Minimum page layers

Search engine rankings

Maintaining a backup of the old website, including images and content

Our web designing philosophy works, no wonder we created hundreds of successful websites for hundreds of happy clients. We provide you with the complete branding package from Brand Management and Logo Design, to Web Development and Hosting. Contact us today to get started!