Software Development

A Solution for Software Development


Offshoring and outsourcing has been popularizing for many years and have become an integral part of day to day business policies. Organizations undertake off-shoring and outsourcing for various reasons depending upon their perception and objective of the activity. Outsourcing is the technique of assigning a company business procedure and responsibilities to external agencies, leveraging profits from low operational and labor costs, improved quality to product innovation. Companies outsource to expand and gain access to new market fields. Companies also choose to outsource to continue focusing on there core business processes.

With a rich and varied expertise, Neovante Technologies focuses on high quality offshore software development, delivered timely and cost-effectively. We ensure solutions that give your business an edge over your competitors. Our global software outsourcing assures full service with maximum objected result to you. We are a powerful blend of process expertise and technology to suit customer needs. We believe in faster innovation and business change. Our key areas of expertise include:


  • Development and Enhancement
  • Production Support
  • Maintenance
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Migration, Conversion and Release Upgrade


  • Global Security and Confidentiality
  • Help Desk
  • Architecture and Designing
  • Desktop and Network Management
  • Client Interactions worldwide